The embarrassment of China's printing industry

2021-10-22 16:54:36 Noble Paragon Viewd 667

China's printing market has become one of the fastest growing and largest markets in the world. Many printer manufacturers therefore pay more and more attention to China as an important market. As an important part of future development, manufacturers will gradually increase their investment in the Chinese market in the next few years.

Shang Pu consulting electronics industry analysts pointed out: with the growth of Chinese demand for office printing, China's printer market is very broad. However, the domestic printer is facing a huge market cake, but in the cracks of survival, facing foreign monopoly and containment of the embarrassing situation.

The global printing industry has always been controlled by international giants such as Epson, and the whole Chinese printing industry earns only meager assembly and processing fees, basically making wedding clothes for the international giants. The most embarrassing thing for Domestic printers is the printing head, an important part of the printer. The inkjet printing heads of the domestic mainstream photo machine almost all come from The Japanese brand Epson, while Epson does not sell the printing heads separately. Chinese photo machine manufacturers can only buy the Epson A3 commercial printer, disassemble the inkjet printer and use it to assemble their own brand photo machine. In other words, Chinese printer manufacturers can only act as assemblers.

And now the situation is more severe, domestic manufacturers can not even do the assembly. Epson has begun to encrypt and upgrade the inkjet printer, which means that the domestic inkjet printer will face a supply crisis. If there is no print head supply, it is impossible to provide after-sales service for the photo machine shipped, because the print head generally needs to be replaced after half a year. Epson's encryption has rendered at least 10,000 photo machines in the country obsolete. Foreign monopoly has also caused a lot of problems, such as the high price of laser printer consumables, for the government and other departments with strict requirements on information confidentiality, the use of foreign laser printer information security problems crisis everywhere.

According to "2012-2016 China printer Consumables Industry status quo and Development Trend Analysis and Investment Forecast report" released by Sump Consulting shows that China's printing market is extremely huge, but most of them are captured by foreign giants. Under the strong patent barriers of multinational corporations, how to realize industrial upgrading is a huge problem facing the industry. In the face of a market without bargaining power and voice in the industry, only the breakthrough of independent intellectual property rights and independent core technology can occupy a word in the market.