China's dot matrix printer market shows positive growth for the first time

2021-10-22 16:56:33 Noble Paragon Viewd 527

According to an IDC report, the Chinese needle printer market shipped 637,000 units in the first quarter of 2016, up 1.9 percent year-on-year. This is said to be the first positive growth in the Chinese needle printer market in nearly two years. Needle printer is mainly used in invoice printing, bill printing, certificate printing and other fields by virtue of its multiple output characteristics. The unique application field makes the needle printer market greatly affected by national policies, and the comprehensive implementation of business tax to VALUE-ADDED tax in 2016 will be the main factor to promote the growth of The Needle printer market in China.

On March 5, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang of The State Council clearly pointed out in the 2016 Government work report that "the policy of replacing business tax with VALUE-ADDED tax will be fully implemented this year, and the pilot scope will be extended to construction, real estate, finance, life services and other industries from May 1". The driving effect of replacing business tax with VALUE-ADDED tax on needle printer market is mainly reflected in the printer update demand brought by system upgrade. After replacing the business tax with a value-added tax, the tax subject will be changed from the original local taxation bureau to the State Taxation Bureau, and the tax declaration system will be upgraded accordingly. After the upgrade, some old needle printers may be incompatible with the system, so the printers need to be replaced in time. Data from the Ministry of Finance showed that the four new pilot industries of construction, real estate, finance and life services in 2016 involved more than 11 million taxpayers, nearly double the previous pilot of more than 5.9 million households. The huge taxpayer base provides potential demand for the replacement of needle printers. Therefore, the full implementation of replacing business tax with VALUE-ADDED tax in 2016 will bring explosive growth to the needle printer market.

IDC estimates that China's needle printer market shipments will reach 3.811 million units in 2016, up 16.4% year on year. Among them, the 80-column flat push needle printer market will be the fastest growing market segment in 2016, and this market segment will also show the following three characteristics:

The increase in demand will be most noticeable among small and medium-sized enterprises. The number of enterprises in the construction, real estate and finance industries is limited, and many of these industries are large enterprises. Their printer equipment is relatively updated quickly, and most of them can meet the printing needs of VAT invoices. Therefore, the demand for replacing business tax with VALUE-ADDED tax is limited. There are a large number of enterprises in the life service industry, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. Equipment upgrading is slow, so the demand for this printer update is increasing.

Less than 1000 yuan needle printer market share will rise more significant. Small and medium-sized enterprise users when the choose and buy stylus printer pay more attention to cost, quality is not high, and brand loyalty is low, so low prices can meet their needs, at the same time the stylus printer manufacturers also at this year's initiative to reduce the product prices to attract customers, which may lead to a stylus printer market more competitive price, The market share of low - price products will rise significantly.

There are more opportunities for domestic brands. Because needle printers are only used in the commercial market, the use scenario is relatively professional, so consumer brand recognition is not high. International brands are more oriented to high-end users and their products are priced relatively high, so they are less attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises. The average unit price of domestic brands is lower, and the market potential is greater. On the other hand, the upgrading of the system to replace business tax with VALUE-ADDED tax is mainly carried out by two tax control system service providers - Aerospace Information and Baiwang Jinfu. For security reasons, they prefer to cooperate with domestic manufacturers. Therefore, domestic manufacturers with better cooperation with these two tax control system service providers will have more exposure opportunities and their market increment will be more obvious.

IDC China analyst Li Li concluded: "In the business tax to replace the VAT policy, the needle printer market will usher in explosive growth this year, while the market competition will be unprecedented. In the otherwise quiet needle printer market, manufacturers need to seize the opportunity to win new growth driven by market demand."