Thermal printer principle

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Thermal printer uses thermal printing technology, occupies a place in the printing market, its principle is key to two points: one is thermal paper, the second is high temperature, the following with xiaobian to understand the principle of thermal printer

First, the principle of thermal printer -- thermal printer

Thermal printer, the use of thermal printing technology, that is, the use of special thermal paper, under high temperature chemical reaction and color, in order to achieve the effect of printing. Compared with needle printing, thermal printing technology has many characteristics such as low noise, fast speed and clear printing, and has been widely used in banking system, POS terminal system, medical equipment and other aspects.

Two, thermal printer principle - thermal paper

Thermal paper is specially used in thermal printing paper, its ordinary paper is composed of a layer and a layer of heat sensitive coating (mainly include leuco fuel and chromogenic agent), this paper will not react at room temperature, is in a state of "lurk", but under high temperature, the thermal coating of the leuco fuel react with chromogenic agent to produce a certain color, and the higher the temperature, The faster the color changes. So in contact with the print head, you can choose the desired color change position to print the desired content.

Three, the principle of thermal printer

For thermal printer, literally can be understood as the use of sensitive elements in the heated state of the chemical reaction to print the instrument, which will be the printing principle of thermal printer description incisively and vividly. A semiconductor heating element is arranged on the print head of a thermal printer to heat the thermal paper; The printing head is used to select the desired printing position or image; Thermal paper is used to accept printing position and change color at high temperature for printing purposes.

Four, the principle of thermal printer -- comparison

The comparison between thermal printer and needle printer is as follows:

Thermal printer:

Advantages: low noise, fast speed, clear printing, easy to use;

Disadvantages: no duplex printing, printing paper can not be permanently saved;

Application: Suitable for printing documents that do not need to be kept for a long time.

Needle printer:

Advantages: Can be double printing, printing paper can be permanently saved;

Disadvantages: loud noise, slow speed, printing handwriting is not clear, the use of inconvenient;

Application: suitable for printing invoices and other documents that need to be kept for a long time.