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  • Noble is headquartered in the exquisite island state of Singapore, where it specializes in the R&D and design of printers for 20 years. It has set up factories in China and Bangladesh, creating hundreds of job opportunities to operate its modern production lines. These production lines run informatized processes, perform real-time quality inspections, and feedback synchronized production data at all times. Nobel has established its own supply chain production lines, allowing it to self-supply over 90% of its printer parts. That is how the company can timely respond to its customers’ demands.

  • Moreover, Noble also possesses a number of dust-free workshops for the mass production of high-precision TPHs. The high-tech devices and instruments Noble spent tens of millions of Yuan on include high-precision measuring microscopes, wire bonding machines, etching machines, and thick-film sintering furnaces. Thanks to the advanced equipment that facilitate micron-sized circuit etching, automatic drip irrigation on thick films, automatic circuit welding, as well as thick-film sintering and curing on print heads, the company can offer quality TPHs with stable performance and long lifespans.

Furthermore, automatic CNC production lines are employed in its PCB dust-free workshops to perform the entire machining processes for each and every single one of the highly intricate PCB circuit boards, while robot arms are used to flexibly weld all the high-precision components. To top that off, quality inspections are carried out under microscopes to guarantee the quality of every PCB board sold. The technicians of Noble Lab are committed to offering customized solutions globally to promote cooperation with OEMs and ODMs. 

After 20 years of growth, Noble is now able to proudly present a wide range of sophisticated top sellers such as stylus printers, thermal printers, punch clocks, clockworks, and print heads to meet the demands of different industries. More on the same note, Noble’s subsidiaries have obtained multiple 3C and ISO 9001 certifications, as well as dozens of patents. Relying on its factories in China and Bangladesh, the company has acquired a competitive edge in technological sophistication, productivity, and cost, allowing it to globally supply numerous renowned printer manufacturers across the world. Noble is now more motivated than ever to further “simplifying printing” and join hands with its partners internationally to develop the printer market and better serve its customers. 

Group History


Set up a group 

Noble group is established and become a sales agent for Japanese electronic parts


Dabble in production 

Work with Japanese companies and assemble the printer engine at Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone for exporting.


Start stylus printer market

Noble paragon start to produce tylus printer head independently and become bulk supplier for domestic clients.


Components of stylus printer enter the market

Through years of research and input, a variety of products like printer head, printer engine officially access into market,noble paragon has became core supplier for some benchmarking enterprise like Fujitsu, Inspur group, Comet etc, gained orders from CCB, ABC, BOC etc for Chinese POS terminal.


Project of Printer engine- column 82

SM880,  SM990:available for express bill, VAT invoice, plain invoice, government official use.

SR937-3,  SR927:handheld stylus printer.


Project of Slip printer-column 82

TM690:front feed flat-bed printer                                

TG690:rear feed flat-bed printer

OEM production and provided engines for Inspur group, Comet,NTEUMM etc.

Promotion for independent brand.


Rapid growth on performance

Our sales volume on e-commerce platform like JD, Ali has a great growth. Many famous brands like Comet, M&G approached us and started OEM production. At November, we reached 20 thousands of sale.


New arrival

New arrivals like invoice AIO, thermal barcode printer launched.

All series of thermal machine, attendance machine,binding machine put on record.


Project of heat band

Set up a lab

Equipment purchase and finished the research personnel configuration


Investment in Bangladesh

Trial production for the thermal machine. Mass production for attendance machine and financial binding machine.

Why choose us


  • Direct supply to e-commerce
  • Independent production
  • Core Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Customer first
  • Continuous innovation
Direct supply  to e-commerce
Direct supply to e-commerce

Noble paragon offers direct supply for e-commerce and highly vertical production, combined with sales. Manufacturer directly provide the products without middleman through platform that has powerful competitiveness.

Independent  production
Independent production

Accuracy of manufacture can be less than 0.01mm through electromagnetic conversion and automatic control etc. Up to 90% of parts are self-made and design.

Core Technology
Core Technology

Our strong research&development team has been overcame troubles in core components like armature column, print wire through ten years.


Advocate to pull together and raise company cohesion. Keep company run in high efficiency. Every employee closely links with the success or failure of that company.Unity is our unlimited resource.

Customer first
Customer first

Focus on customer and satisfy real and potential needs of customers. Offer humanized, differentiated, personalized, sincere service to enhance the value of service.

Continuous  innovation
Continuous innovation

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise and the source of its development.Noble paragon always maintains a strong sense of independent innovation, chase new development path, maintain first-class level.